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Steelcore AT1020 3G

€200 €150

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Steelcore 1020 3G

Specs are as follows:

    • The 10-inch IPS2 HD screen ensures the highest image quality at any viewing angle, even in bright light.
    • The 8MP camera with autofocus and 16GB of built-in memory allow you to create a photo gallery directly in the tablet.



Qualcore AT7022 3G

€100.99 €89.99

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Qualcore 7022 3G

Specs are as follows:

    • The 7-inch IPS screen ensures comfort of usage at any place no matter what task you perform.
    • The built-in 3G modem frees you from having to search for WiFi networks. Use the Internet even when travelling.


Qualcore AT1020 3G

€150 €136.99

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Qualcore 1020 3G

Specs are as follows:

    • Gain quick access to the Internet via the 3G LTE modem.
    • Enjoy high image quality with the 10-inch screen.




Livecore AT7011

€65 €59.99

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Livecore 7011

Specs are as follows:

    • The device is equipped with mini jack, microUSB and microSD card slots, therefore allowing you to connect multiple devices (e.g. a keyboard), or extend the built-in memory (4 GB) up to 32 GB.
    • It is available in four different color versions: black, purple, pink and white, so that you can match it with your style!


Livecore AT7020

€65 €63

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Livecore 7020

Specs are as follows:

    • The 7″ screen (with a resolution of 800 x 480) – easily fits your backpack, purse, or even a pocket
    • Available in three different colors: trendy violet, soothing blue and vivid pink
    • Matching case protecting your tablet from mechanical damage and scratches


Qualcore AT9010

€150 €99.99

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Qualcore 9010

Specs are as follows:

      The 9-inch screen provides comfortable use of the tablet at any place, while the stable and proven Android 4.4 ensures quick and efficient operation.